Compliance Officer- A Great Career Opportunity

A Compliance Officer is a professional who checks if a company or any organization is working as per the laws and regulations of the country or the business standards.

With time the corporate society has become very complicated with many rules and regulations over some of the specific industries.

Companies often recruit compliance officers or chief compliance officer to manage all the compliance-related issues onside their company.

Duties of a compliance officer

Usually, the different duties of the CO vary according to the organization they are working in. It also depends upon their experience, skills, and roles.

But as a CO, a professional has the following duties-

  • The person reviews and checks compliance issues for their employer
  • They make sure that the board of directors, management and HR department of the firm obey all the rules and regulations from the relevant government or authorities
  • They make sure all the compliance policies are maintained during the recruitment of other employees
  • A compliance officer also reviews, redesigns and checks the internal compliance policies of the organization they are working
  • They work so that the organization does not take any illegal step that attracts the lawmaker
  • In case the firm or organization breaches any compliance-related issues the compliance officers make sure to solve the problem by taking proper steps.

As a chief compliance officer(CCO) the duties can often become a little more diverse and chief officers often deal with bigger compliance issues in a larger organization. They have the three main roles –

A CCO investigates if something related to compliance arises inside the organization.

They maintain the role if a guide to the company management. The CCO often makes internal compliance policies and also trains all the employees through seminars and other meetings.

They check if the company has everything going on according to the compliance regulations.

Education required to become a compliance officer

The education for becoming a compliance offer is not a straight or distinct one. A person who has proper knowledge about corporate and business rules and regulations can become a CO if he or she is has a bachelor’s degree.

If you want to become a compliance officer then-

1. Complete your Graduation

The first criteria are to complete your graduation. It is the initial criteria to become a compliance officer. Aspirants can complete their bachelor’s degrees in finance and accounting, business administration, finance, political science, law.

After completing their bachelor’s degree you can start as a compliance officer in a small organization or pursue your masters fir a better opportunity.

2. Complete your master’s degree

The master’s degree can open many bigger opportunities for those who want to become the proper CO.

It will provide you time management and human resource skills and the much-needed knowledge boost to kick start your career. It can also help you to have a closer outlook on the laws and rules.

3. Internship

In case you want to become a good acquiescence officer then you need to gain practical knowledge. You can go for an internship in an organization to gain the first-hand experience before starting your job.

A CO gets slaty and employment opportunities according to their experience and talent. Hence, you will gradually advance towards a better career as you grow and gain experience while working.

These are all the points you need to know about becoming a compliance officer.