ED can Be Completely Recovered – Here’s How

ED is a sexual problem where men are not able to have erections. It can be caused due to various reasons. If not treated properly the ED problem worsens over time and other problems may crop up.

Here is the mantra that you need to adapt to reverse your ED

There are two ways to reduce your ED problems

Reducing the underlying problem

This includes the treatment of the disorder that has triggered ED. It is also called secondary ED. If you can keep that disorder in check you will be able to have better erections. Most doctors try this method. But sometimes this is not sufficient enough alone. There are various types of treatment such as eating a good diet, yoga, and exercises, acupuncture therapy, etc.

Fighting against ED itself

Some treatments will help you to reduce your ED problem. These sorts of treatments are focused on reducing ED and allowing you to enjoy your sexual life. There are many methods like the use of medicines like Fildena 100 and Tadacip 20 for ED treatment, surgeries, eating foods that increase your testosterone, etc. Dont forget to ask your physician before starting any therapy.

Very Important!! First, try to understand the underlying cause

First, try and figure out the possible causes of your ED. ED can be caused due to a variety of factors that are related to physical and mental disorders.

Here are the physical disorders in general-

1. Heart diseases

It is a major cause of your ED. All types of heart conditions may trigger ED. This is primarily linked to insufficient capacity of the heart to pump blood effectively.

What to do?

You need to consult a urologist doctor and a cardiac doctor. Try to visit both of them and discuss the other issue. Based on a few tests your doctor will be able to whether it is the root cause.

2. Nerve diseases

Due to any nerve problem, the blood carrying capacity of the nerves is reduced.

What to do?

Consult a doctor and try to identify whether it is the root cause.

3. Diabetes

One of the major diseases that cause ED. Blood sugar levels rise and this affects the blood supply to the penis.

What to do?

You can take insulin shots regularly and avoid food that contains carbohydrates and sugars.

4. Obesity

In this physical disorder, the high deposition of the adipose tissues constricts the blood supply and reduces the blood supply.

What to do?

Consult a doctor. Focus on your diet and avoid all types of carbohydrates and fatty food items. Do basic exercises like running, jogging, etc.

5. Psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, depression

This is one of the major causes of ED in the last few decades. May young people in their 30s or 40s generate ED due to chronic stress. Stress increases the cortisol hormone in your blood and affects sexual moods. You may feel like there is no need for having sex.

What to do?

Consult a psychiatrist and go for counseling therapy. Do the things that you find interest in and avoid stressful situations. if a job is the ultimate cause of your stress then get a doctor’s certificate and submit it and communicate to reduce your workload. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 100 are used for ED treatment. It is always recommended to ask your doctor before taking any medication.

Lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol and drug addiction

It is also one of the big factors behind ED. Cigarettes trigger cardiac problems, nerve-related problems. Alcohol and drugs contain substances that work as depressants and can increase stress and depression.

What to do?

You should stop or reduce your smoking, daily alcohol intake.

Ways to Recover from ED

Surgeries and insertion of penile implants

In this method, penile implants are inserted into the penis. These implants have to be manually inflated to have erections. These mechanical devices are called penis pumps. It helps to retain the blood in the penis.


After successful treatment, you will certainly have better erections. The effects are immediate.


May cause infections inside the penis and blood clotting problems. The working mechanism may get destroyed. It is also very costly.

Use of medicines

There are plenty of medicines available in the market that will help you to have erections. And over the long term use, your erection problem may even get better. One of the best medicine is Fildena 100 for ED treatment.


This treatment mode is less costly than surgeries. It is highly effective where stress is the ultimate cause of ED.


May not work for all; usually, the effects are temporary and effects can be seen years after treatment.

Acupuncture therapy

Originated in China this type of therapy focuses on applying pressure on certain points on our body and increase the blood flow. This is one of the less used techniques but may be helpful. You can also use this form of treatment with secondary forms of treatment such as the use of medicines etc.


It has no side effects.


It takes a long time and there is no guarantee that it will work when ED severity is of high level.

Final thoughts

There are many ways in which the ED can be treated. However, the main thing is to detect it early. Once that is done fruitfully, then the rest works, the treatment with Vidalista 20 and Fildena 100 for ED treatment and the restrictions adhered to it can be directed by the doctor quite easily. Hence, consult the doctor for possible treatment methods at the earliest and cooperate with him so that you can return back to your normal life faster. ED is a problem that can be cured permanently and that is the thing that must not be forgotten by any means. Many of the patients do have a thought that this is equivalent to impotency and hence cannot be cured at all, and many are with the thought that there is no need for the treatment of the same too. However, both of them are wrong. ED can be completely treated and if it is not treated at the right time, then other ailments are going to engulf your life for sure.

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