5 Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

How to Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

At this point, there is no evidence that vitamin-C supplements or any kind of supplements boost the immune system but scientists believe that a strong immune system can protect the victim from the complications. This article discusses the strategies on how to strengthen your immune system.

The novel corona-virus is a new strain of a previously know virus. COVID-19 is now having its 3rd outbreak, and its the most transmissible and contagious one.

For most victims, COVID-19 initiates and then subsides in their lungs. Just like the flu, COVID-19 is a respiratory disease. 

Better the Immune System, Better the Chances of Recovery from Diseases

For now, there is no solution or vaccine accessible for the remedy of the novel Coronavirus, and there are 1-2% deaths reported due to the coronavirus. Fortunately, a huge proportion of the patients with coronavirus infection are getting recovered on their own.

This is where the immunity comes at the forefront. Generally, immunity is a complicated and robust arrangement of disease-fighting methods that ward off the pathogens after their intrusion and usually even before they show signs. People with vulnerable immune systems are more exposed to this virus. Patients with co-morbid conditions like asthma, respiratory diseases, cardiac diseases, and diabetes are at the most risk of complications.

How the Immune System Functions to Fight Diseases?

When a pathogen enters the body, the immune system activates and starts producing antibodies against the pathogen. Antibodies attach with the virus or bacteria and render it ineffective, and the person gets cured. That’s how the immune system works in our bodies.

As corona-virus enters through airways, it stays some days in the air passage before it enters into the lungs where it contacts blood and spreads in the body. After it enters the body, antibodies are produced against it.

Inflammation and fever are the responses of the fight between corona-virus and the immune system. 

How to Boost Immune System Health During Corona Virus?

1. De-stress:

Our immune system health is inversely related to stress. Never let anything ride over your nerves because stress might result in a weaker immune system.

According to Research, stress exposure can increase the likelihood of developing the disease, as well as exacerbating preexisting conditions.

Reducing stress and anxiety helps to effectively boost the immune system and treat or even prevent diseases. Panic in the current scenario of COVID-19 is more deadly than the disease itself.

Avoid believing in-authentic information. Balance your work life, and take breaks. If your doctor has prescribed anti-depressants, continue your therapy.

While its an epidemic, practice meditation at home. Yoga, religious beliefs, and prayers are also stress-relieving practices.

2. Balanced Nutrition:

Our immune system functions with proper nutrition. Diet can have a primary or secondary consequence upon immune cells producing changes in the functioning of the immune system. Probiotics and prebiotics are likewise essential in supporting the stomach environment in fight against the harmful germs. 

Research says that protein malnutrition is associated with a significant impairment of cell-mediated immunity, phagocyte function, complement system, secretory immunoglobulin A antibody concentrations, and cytokine production.

Balanced nutrition comprising of all nutrients is vital for maintaining immune health in the war against diseases, including COVID-19. Proper nutrition comprises a daily intake of macronutrients, carbs, proteins and lipids, and micronutrients; vitamins, minerals, trace elements.

At the end of the day, we are what we eat. You should also know about the benefits of turmeric to complement your immune health.

3. Sleep Well:

When we don’t sleep quite sufficient, we further put tension on our body and spoil our resistance against pathogens.

When we’re sipping caffeinated beverages every now and then, we can not even apprehend exactly how exhausted we truly are.

A 30 minutes nap during work can significantly reduce stress and can boost the immune system very efficiently.

Scientists recommend that a fair amount of rest benefits T cells of the immune system in the human body that are crucial to combat off germs.

Grown-ups necessitate a modicum of seven-hour rest every night for upgraded fitness and well-being.

4. Immune System Boosting Vitamins:

While all the vitamins are necessary for the proper functioning of body systems, vitamin C is essential for immune system boosting.

A study shows that vitamin C deficiency results in impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections.

Moreover, supplementation with vitamin C seems to be suitable to both check and heal respiratory and systemic diseases as vitamin C impacts our respiratory system quite well.

Citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, and spinach are rich sources. Vitamin C supplements to boost the immune system are easily available. The recommended dose of vitamin C supplements intended for immune system boosting is 100-200 mg/day. It is always recommended to ask your doctor before starting any supplements.

5. Regular Exercise:

 Exercise has a vital role in boosting immune health and hence helps in fighting against infections, including COVID-19.

Research showed that regular and moderate-intensity exercise is “Immune-boosting” and has been used to effectively increase vaccine responses in “at-risk” patients.

Admittedly, yoga, cardio, and other mild exercises are powerful means that have the ability to augment the immune system and overall well-being.

Observing the current situation, avoid gyms, and favor training at your residence. Never do exhausting workouts because they minimize the immune system. Frequent light exercises at home are a good way to promote immune health.

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