What are Most Dangerous Dating Apps and How to Save Kids

The dating apps have made finding a romantic partner more convenient. More and more people have started using online dating platforms to look out a partner for date or marriage. The active users of dating apps are estimated to grow from 33.9 million to 37.5 million by the end of the year 2023. As predicted by experts, almost 70 percent of couples by the year 2040 will have met online.

There are hundreds of mobile apps letting users find and meet a romantic partner. Most of these apps are being used by underage children putting them into several potential dangers. The teenage girls are likely to get trapped by sex offenders through these online dating apps. In this article, we have discussed the most dangerous dating app that parents should not allow their kids to use. Also, this article provides a complete guide on protecting kids from the potential dangers of these apps.

1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps allowing the user to discover a passionate partner. Unfortunately, the app is being used by sex offenders who use the app to find the target. It has more than 8.5 million users most of whom are teenagers. The Tinder users are likely to get trapped by scoundrels who provide fake information. Unfortunately, the dating app does not provide any process to verify the information provided by the user.

Parents should not allow their kids to use Tinder if they do not fall into the age criteria of the dating app. However, if your kids are mature enough to use the app, make sure they do not plan hookups with strangers without informing you.

2. Match

Match is the second most popular dating app as per PC Mag’s latest survey. The dating website and app is intended for adults between the age of 45 and 65. Almost 58 percent of app users are between 45 and 54. The underage children are likely to meet pedophiles and predators through this online dating platform.

3. Plenty of Fish

It is another most popular and commonly used dating website turned mobile app. Having more than 90 million users worldwide, the app is ranked as the second popular dating app. The users of the online dating platform are likely to enter into a chat in their first 24 hours. The female users are found to get a partner 10 times quicker. The app is not intended for teenage girls and boys even though it is being used by many underage children.

How to Protect Kids from Dangerous Dating Apps

Parents can play a key role in protecting their children from dangerous dating apps. The most efficient way to protect kids from the potential dangers of digital devices and dangerous mobile phone app is cell phone monitoring. There are mobile phones spy apps that enable parents to remotely supervise the digital behavior of children.

Once you get your kids’ devices installed with monitoring and parental control app, you can get to know what mobile apps they are useful and what activities they perform using these apps.

Monitor Dating Apps with Cell Phone Monitoring

There are different monitoring and tracking apps rightly available that are intended for parents to protect their children from the potential threats of the digital world. The apps like TheOneSpy provide great support to parents in ensuring their kids’ protection. The app lets you know what dating apps your kids use.

You can block their access to age-inappropriate mobile apps without having your kid’s smartphone into custody. The web-based control panel of the tracking app allows blocking or uninstalling dangerous dating apps from kid’s mobile device without having access.

Moreover, the tracker app lets you monitor activities performed on dating apps. It tracks Tinder and many other social media apps and allows parents to read chats of their children. The app automatically syncs messages exchanged via dating apps and uploads to the online portal of the spyware app. Parents can read their kids’ chats made via dating apps direct from the online portal.

The app also records activities performed on these dating apps. As your kids start using a dating app, the secret surveillance app installed on their phone starts recording the phone screen. The screen recording gets uploaded to the online portal from where parents can retrieve it anytime.


It is important to educate kids about the potential dangers of dating apps. Moreover, cell phone monitoring and parental controls are crucial to remotely and secretly supervise the digital behavior of children with an aim to ensure their protection.


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