Who has never heard of video streaming? Increasingly easily accessible, adopted by major official brands and dedicated platforms, it is experiencing meteoric growth so that no one has really missed the phenomenon.

So much so that it is sometimes difficult to find yourself in the offers of the main players. Overview of the best offers available online.

A phenomenal growth of project free tv

First of all, it is necessary to return to what streaming is. Streaming is a technique for broadcasting and playing multimedia data online and streaming, allowing you to listen to music or watch videos without downloading.

There are several methods for viewing streaming videos:

  • The VOD (Video On Demand) service including buying or renting videos to choose from. Once payment has been made, this service allows viewing of streaming videos.
  • The SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand): This method provides access to unlimited to a whole catalogue of videos via a subscription to the service.

These two service vectors are completely legal. There are a large number of legal streaming platforms. Most have been assembled by publishers or resellers. But the appearance of dedicated third-party sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video has shaken up the market. There are also more independent models that are worth seeing.

But as always on the internet, you have to be careful, because illegal streaming still occupies a large part of online video consumption today. Illegal streaming offers access to a vast catalogue of series and films, completely free of charge. Although prohibited, the use of such sites is constantly growing.

We also remind you for all intents and purposes that downloading copyrighted movies and series in Peer-to-peer or Torrent is just as illegal.

So let’s review the best legal video streaming platforms for you to get the most out of.



best alternatives to netflix


Founded in 1997, it now has 125 million subscribers worldwide. The platform also offers original productions of which it is the head. The SVOD service itself produces part of its content (series and films), which constitutes an undeniable asset.

Among the most interesting features is an offline mode, the possibility of connecting several screens simultaneously to the same account and compatibility with different terminals (PC, television, tablet and smartphone). For example, an increasing number of Smart TVs natively integrate the service. HD and Ultra HD displays are available for Standard and Premium offers.

With 22,694 programs – in French as in French – referenced at the start of 2017, Netflix is the number one platform for video streaming. Although its catalogue is relatively scarce for France, the American company is still the first in terms of a number of subscribers and videos offered.

Netflix prices:

  • € 7.99 for a user (Essential subscription)
  • € 10.99 for two users (Standard subscription)
  • € 12.99 for 4 users (Premium subscription)


CanalPlay, with its 10,709 programs offered in 2017, belongs to the Canal + group. Launched in 2011, the platform had around 700,000 subscribers in France last year. Concerning films, CanalPlay gives a large place to French films but there are also many American feature films.

There is also a youth section where cartoons and animated films are offered. Despite its links with Canal +, the platform does not take advantage of the original series produced by the encrypted channel. However, due to the links forged with Warner and ABC, CanalPlay is able to provide specific works.

Like most other platforms, CanalPlay is accessible on all devices and offers an offline viewing mode. The application of the subscription video service offers a feature that allows you to download content to your device.

CanalPlay prices:

  • € 7.99 on computer, mobile and tablets
  • € 9.99 per month to add access from the internet box.


OCS is originally a bunch of pay channels created by Orange. It now complements the bouquet of OCS channels. The service is provided in most offers contracted with your ISP or OTT since for several months OCS has been available for a free subscription.

The subscriber has access to a catalogue of films and TV series on demand. OCS Go also offers the possibility of seeing them very quickly after their retransmission in the United States thanks to the US + 24 formula which allows you to see an episode of a series 24 hours after American viewers.

In addition, it has privileged access to the catalogue of HBO, a chain renowned for the quality of its productions.

Regarding the functionalities, the platform is accessible on mobile, tablet and computer. It is also possible to access the service on the television provided that you pay a higher subscription. It is possible to read two streams simultaneously and enjoy them up to 4 screens at a time. An offline function is also available.

Orange OCS Go prices:

  • € 9.99 per month for access from a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • € 11.99 monthly for access to the above devices and from an Android TV, an Xbox One or a TV equipped with Google Cast.


Launched in relative discretion in December 2016, the European version of Amazon Prime Video is far from equaling its American big sister. But in our region, the Prime Video offer has the merit of being free for all Premium Amazon subscribers.

Although its catalogue is still quite poor, at least below what the competition offers, it tends to improve quickly. Films tend to be particularly old there and the number of non-Amazon series is counted on the fingers of one hand. The offer really acts as a Premium subscription.

However, the platform offers an excellent series, which can really compete with Netflix.

The Amazon Prime Video service can be used on all devices. On these you can watch in offline mode or not, the different programs offered. However, note that the interface is not translated into French

Amazon Prime Video prices:

  • € 49 per year to become a member of Amazon Premium


Owned by Apple, iTunes offers a VOD service allowing you to buy or rent various videos from the iTunes Store. Whether movies or series, the catalogue of the apple brand is only relatively well supplied but still allows, in most cases, to be able to take advantage of the latest news.

Founded in 2003, the strength of the service lies mainly in its good integration with other Apple products, especially Apple TVs. Apple’s service still suffers from many faults such as the impossibility of having the subtitles of certain content, or on the contrary, the impossibility of removing them.

Surprisingly enough, when purchasing a series in French, it is impossible to have access to French subtitles. An amazing feature that deprives the hearing impaired of being able to use this service.

Beyond this top 5, we can offer you other video streaming platforms :

  1. Google play (Google)
  2. 6Play (M6)
  3. SFR Play (SFR)
  4. TF1 My VOD (TF1)
  5. LaCinetek: 1901 association which offers a specific VOD service since its catalogue is made up only of films chosen by the directors who are members of the association.
  6. Nolim (Carrefour): VOD service which offers the viewing of its content in streaming and download. For some licenses, viewing 24 hours after broadcasting in the USA is offered. The platform offers free digital copies of the film when purchasing a DVD.

Additional services


To better find your way among the plethoric offer of video streaming, dedicated search engines have emerged.

This is the case of Watch free series: once the name of the desired film or series typed in the search bar, an information sheet appears. On the latter, it is particularly indicated the VOD platforms which offer the series or the film sought.

The search engine also offers a registration which allows access to new services such as a centralization of offers according to tastes and desires; a personal agenda and personalized annotations.

We can also mention the Amazon prime alternatives site whose functioning is similar to that of Project Free Tv, except that it also references VOD platforms.