What Are The Best Online Payment Methods?

We sell, buy, return, change goods and exchange money, today we do everything online. And it seems that over time one of the major difficulties that e-commerce initially experienced is losing consistency, which is the trust on the part of buyers both towards sellers and above all towards the payment methods used.

Of course, scams exist, but there are also secure payment methods, which allow you to make money flow online reliably and without taking risks.

What are the best online payment methods? Below is a list you can rely on.

The Best Online Payment Methods

Is it possible to buy online, sell an item, exchange money and, more generally, make money pass through online safely?

The answer is yes, but to do it you must first necessarily:

  • Check the reliability of the site and/or the seller;
  • Adopt only a secure online payment system.

If yours is not a renowned site such as Amazon, E-bay, Yoox or Diesel, to name a few, where the brand itself is synonymous with a guarantee, how can you check the reliability of your buyer?

You have to browse every section of the site, read the reviews that other users have left, also examine the social channels, groups and industry forums. In short, if you still don’t know that brand, first document yourself.

With regard to payments, however, we analyze in detail the best and safest methods. Which ones are they? Here they are.

1. Credit card or debit card

One of the safest and most used online payment methods currently, is the electronic payment made by credit card or debit card.

The credit card is issued by a bank or financial institution and has a device to recognize the identification data of the owner and the bank or financial institution that issue the money.

The debit card is a payment card that provides for the debit of the money to the bank account of the owner at the same time as the execution of the operation.

Credit card and debit card are an easy and fast payment method but before making the payment I advise you to check that the site in question is reliable and safe, that is, that it is covered by connection encryption.

This ensures that the data of your credit or debit card are not intercepted while you are connected on the Net (therefore that the https protocol appears in the URL of the site), which provides for the latest security standards, such as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Norton Secured, that a truly existing address, a telephone number and VAT number are indicated.

2. Prepaid card

The prepaid card is a payment card that requires that the credit is not deducted from the bank account but directly from the current funds that have been previously reloaded onto the card.

The prepaid payment cards differ from credit cards and debit cards because they are related to a kind of electronic wallet and payment is debited instantaneously on this purse.

The prepaid card is one of the safest online payment methods because, in the worst-case scenario, the maximum amount you can lose in the event of fraud will be what you previously loaded.

The only drawback of the prepaid card, in some cases, maybe the cost of the top-up.

3. PayPal

PayPal is a service that allows you to carry out online transactions comfortably and securely since PayPal itself acts as an intermediary between your bank or your credit card or your prepaid card and the online seller or the recipient of your money. .

In this way, anyone who transacts online has the possibility of not communicating his highly sensitive data.

PayPal is also a reliable online payment system thanks also to the guarantees offered by the PayPal Program for the protection of the buyer.

This program guarantees to the PayPal account holder the refund of the entire amount of the purchase made, including shipping costs, in the event that the product is delivered damaged or is not delivered or if the product received does not match the description on the card product online.

4. Bank transfer or postal transfer

Online payment by bank transfer or postal transfer is very safe because it offers a trace and a guarantee of the payment made in the case of scams or problems.

It is not the ideal payment method in the case of e-commerce since it is a slow method (the transfer takes a few days to be credited) and, therefore, the product or service you have ordered will take longer to reach your home, since the shipment starts only when the buyer receives the credit of the transfer to his current account.

5. Cash on delivery

If you really don’t trust online purchases or debit or prepaid credit cards, cash on delivery is the payment method that can be right for you because it allows you to pay when you receive the product at your home.

This payment method is not always provided by online sellers. Also, consider that cash on delivery often costs more than other online payment methods.

Online Payments: Conclusions

These are the most used and safest online payments. Along with PayPal, there are alternatives that are catching on and that will offer guarantees in the same way.

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