A Comprehensive Guide On Sweet Double Eyelid

Modern beauty standards are evolving daily; everything changes in the blink of an eye, from clothing to accessories. But certain beauty trends are timeless and never go out of trend. If you look very carefully, you will observe that all the celebrities and models have one thing in common: they all have a sweet double eyelid (ตาสองชั้นหวาน ๆ, which is a term in Thai), which enhances their beauty to the next level.

However, these days, the sweet double eyelid treatment is no longer restricted to the boundaries of the glamorous world. Instead, common people are also opting for this treatment. Common people have also started getting sweet double eyelid surgery to fix the problem of uneven eyelids or sagging eyelids.

What Do You Mean By Sweet Double Eyelid Surgery?

Everyone is not born perfect; some people work on themselves to make them perfect, while others don’t put in any effort. But transformation only happens when you think of taking charge of your own life and fixing things that are not perfect. Similarly, the Sweet double eyelid surgery is a similar treatment that lets you fix your eyelids and make them look more prominent and beautiful.

These days, the surgery is performed in various ways, and various places offer quality treatment at an affordable price. Moreover, it can be done via surgery and in a non-surgical way. But the mode of the treatment mainly depends on the condition of your eyes. Still, it can be cured easily with expert advice and proper guidance.

What Are The Ways Of Fixing Your Sweet Double Eyelid?

There are mainly two ways by which you can get your double sweet eyelid surgery done to get that perfect shape of your eyelids. The initial process is a non-surgical method, and the secondary procedure is a surgical method; however, both work differently and have varying effects on the patients.

1.    Non-Surgical Process

The non-surgical process of creating beautiful double eyelids includes eyelid strips and eyelid tapes over your eyelids and applying them to create an artistic look for your eyelids. Moreover, this treatment is reversible. Hence, if anything goes wrong, you can easily fix and customize it. However, the results are less long-lasting as compared to the surgical method.

2.    Surgical Process

However, The surgical process is a bit complex and time-consuming compared to the non–surgical process. An incision technique is also getting quite popular among people unwilling to opt for surgical procedures. However, the results are long-lasting with surgical procedures, and most importantly, no scars or marks will be left on your skin after the procedure.


Double eyelid surgery is now one of the most popular surgeries worldwide, and many people are turning up for this treatment. You can consider consulting with a good doctor and discussing this treatment before the procedure. The treatment will enable you to improve your vision and look good at the same time.



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