How can I clear up my rosacea?

Having good skin can mean a lot to a lot of people. A healthy and glowing skin does make a person seem attractive. However, in reality, the definition of a healthy skin is never constant and is always dependent on many factors such as cultures and beliefs. One thing for sure, a healthy skin should make a person feel comfortable with their skin and not feel any discomfort. In this DoctorOnCall’s article, we will be learning about one of the many skin conditions that have affected people’s life; rosacea.

Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by the reddish skin as if a person blush or flush. It often affects the central part of the face. It is most often affecting people with fair skin and starts between the age of 30 to 60 years old. It is most common to see rosacea in females but when it affects male, the symptoms often get worse and more than just a reddish face. Even though rosacea does affect anyone especially with fair skin, it is most common in those with blue eyes, blonde hair and those with northern or eastern European descent. This makes it difficult for people with skin of color for its rosacea to be recognised.

There are many causes that can make a person susceptible to developing rosacea. Even so, scientists have yet to pinpoint the exact causes behind rosacea. The common cause of rosacea is the genetic factor. This means that when a person has a family member with rosacea, the person will have more chances for having rosacea since it does run in the family. Other causes include overreacting immune system leading to acne-like rosacea that react to bacteria known as bacillus oleronius , bacteria in the intestine known as H.pylori although not everyone with rosacea have this issue, mites that lives on skin such as demodex and the way body process the protein known as cathelicidin.

The first sign of rosacea is redness or blushing on across the nose, cheek, forehead, chin, neck and chest. The redness often comes and goes. It usually lasts for a few minutes. However, in some cases, the redness may be persistent and would not go away. People with rosacea have a history of frequent blushing or flushing. Apart from the skin redness on the face, it is often accompanied with a feeling of warmth, sting or burning. Beside the redness of the skin, skin dryness on the central facial skin can be seen with rough features and scaly appearance. Many people with rosacea will have prominent and visible small blood vessels on the face known as telangiectasia that can be visible on cheeks and nasal bridges. The eyes may seem irritated and often seen as watery or bloodshot eyes. The eyelids become swollen and crusts can be seen at the roots of eyelashes. Bumps and pimples may be seen on the skin with rosacea. In rare cases, rosacea may develop further than just the face such as neck, ears, chest or scalp.

Since the symptoms can be very discomforting and may cause a person to look unattractive, knowing what to do to clear up rosacea can help a person be comfortable with their skin and help them feel better of themselves. It is worth noting that there is no cure for rosacea but there are treatments available to help control symptoms. The common treatment is prescription of creams and gels to keep the skin hydrated and sooth the flare. Patients may also receive antibiotics if the skin issues are so severe and the pain is unbearable. It is worth noting that medicine prescribed by a doctor will depend on the severity of the rosacea. Doctors may prescribe topical and/or oral medication to help control the rosacea.

Although rosacea is a life-long condition, it does not pose great danger to a person’s health. However, because rosacea is indeed a condition that patients would have to live with for the rest of their life, patients need to know how to take care of their skin to ensure the rosacea is under control. Rosacea has been known to be possibly triggered by something. Hence, patients need to learn and identify the triggers so that the next time they can try to avoid it. Common triggers include alcohol and spicy food. Patients should also know how to take care of skin hygiene by making sure to use only mild skincare products and to always keep skin moisturized. Patients need to always use sunscreen and best to choose a physical one as it is better tolerated.

In essence, to clear up rosacea may be difficult for the first time but it is necessary to make sure rosacea is treated well. Once rosacea is treated well, the time taken for developing rosacea again in future can be prolonged. If you are unsure of what skin condition you are having, it is best to talk with your doctor or better, dermatologist for further answers and clarification.

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