Alcohol Withdrawal – Stages and Signs

Alcohol, in any name, is very popular all over the world. Some people take it for pleasure in certain quantity, but some take it without any limit on regular basis for a prolonged time. There comes a time when some people think to quit their habit of alcohol, due to their health issue. On that time sudden stoppage of alcohol shows some symptoms inside their body.

As the body is very comfortable with the alcohol, so the body reacts weirdly when it is withdrawn. Their brain behaves in different way like symptoms. The first signs of alcohol withdrawal can appear in different stages. The stages are differed according to the amount and frequency of consumption alcohol.

1st Stage –

In this stage the withdrawal can begin just after 6 hours and between 24 hours of last drink. The person can face Headache, Anxiety, intense craving, Nausea and Vomiting. With the help of some medicines these symptoms can be cured, and one can return to normal life.

2nd Stage –

Patients can face the signs of withdrawal between 24 and 48 hours after the last drink. In this stage patients suffer from Irregular heartbeat, Mild Hallucinations, Confusion, Seizures etc.

3rd Stage –

This stage can be considered as the most crucial stage. In this stage, a patient suffers from Impulsive Behavior, Anxiety and Depression, Severe itching, Disorientation etc. In this stage hallucination, severe skin damage affects the patients.

There are so many ways to treat the withdrawal of alcohol. Detox, rehab and psychological counseling can be the ways to withdraw alcohol. But when people think to stop this, these stages may appear according to the amount of the consumption of alcohol. To treat the people, detox is the most effective and important method. After this any kind of medication can work. If there comes any sign of alcohol withdrawal, the rehab centers can be visited to treat this situation.

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