All You Want to Know About GHRP 2 Peptides

Proper growth and development of the body is vital for every human being. Even day-to-day bodily functions involving metabolism, circulatory system, and cognition need growth hormones to regulate them adequately. However, we all know that our body functions slow down or become dysfunctional as we grow old.

It is normal to have a deficiency of growth hormone once you reach the age of 50 years. Apart from this, there is a disorder called growth hormone deficiency (GHD), even among young people. But the situation does not escalate to the worst condition due to natural and synthetic peptides which influence the growth hormone secretion. We will discuss a commonly known synthetic peptide called GHRP 2.

Brief Look at GHRP 2 Peptides

As we already know, GHRP 2 is a synthetic peptide and is quite similar to the naturally produced peptide, ghrelin. Ghrelin is responsible for controlling food intake, growth hormone secretion, and wound healing. From this information, you can imagine how GHRP 2 maintains the human growth hormone level.

You may not find GHRP 2 for sale in the market for personal use now. Instead, they are for research purposes. They come in the form of white lyophilized powder, usually with 99{6711240a0ca03e489773e2eff82fc5d3a0baab9cc23914ccfa6bda25cf53baab} or more purity. It can remain stable at room temperature but only for three weeks. If you plan to store it for future use, keep it below -18°C and mix a carrier protein.

GHRP2 Studies and Research

You would find many studies on animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and swine to research the effects of GHRP 2 peptides. They also conducted some small studies on young people between 22 to 27 years of age and older people between 66 to 73 years. The subjects had the administration of GHRP 2 peptides via the intravenous route. Some of the studies also focused on the effect of GHRP on food intake on test subjects with no medical issues, stable weight, no smoking habit, and without any eating disorder. The dose administration remains under regulation throughout the experiment.


There are no studies that have reported any side effects upon infusion of GHRP 2. There is a visible improvement in the quantity of food intake among all subjects. There was also a considerable increase in growth hormone levels during the infusion. The studies have shown that GHRP 2 has a similar effect on growth hormones, adrenocorticotropic hormone, prolactin, and the level of cortisol in men. Though, there may be a slight difference in the level of influence depending on age.

Benefits of GHRP 2

  • Increase in growth hormone level.
  • Diagnostic tool for growth hormone deficiency.
  • Body muscle and mass growth.
  • It promotes sleep.
  • Better bone health and flexibility.
  • Boosting strength and stamina.
  • Managing weight and body fat.
  • Faster cell and tissue repair.

Administration Method of GHRP 2

To date, GHRP 2 has been effective with oral, intranasal, and even intravenous administration. For the diagnostic purpose, a dose of 15 microg/L is sufficient for an adult, whereas for children, it would be between 5 to 20 mcg per kg.

GHRP 2 Side Effects

Although there are no significant side effects, you can have these minute problems depending on the individual medical profile:

  • Sweating
  • Hot flashes
  • If injected, you may feel pain and slight swelling and redness at the place of administration.
  • Increase in appetite
  • Nausea and headache
  • Fatigue and lack of energy

The side effects are not limited to this list.


GHRP 2 is already a capable diagnostic tool for determining growth hormone deficiency among adults and children. Various research also reveals that it has several potential therapeutic uses. However, we still need more research and studies done to gain adequate scientific evidence to prove its other benefits.

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