Different Types Of Chestnut Mouth That You Should Know

Nowadays, lip surgeries are common. Especially if you want to beautify your lips, you can go ahead with lip augmentation. No one can deny the fact that the most beautiful component of the mouth is its upper lips. If you have a thin upper lip, the lower one exemplifies your beauty. Naturally, the center size of the chestnut should be fuller than that of the sides. It will provide a beautiful M-shaped lip with a sharp upper age on the upper mouth. But the question is, if you choose the lip surgery process, you can be confused about what kind of mouth would suit you. As per the elements of your lips, one needs to choose the shape of the lip.

Pay Attention To The Ratio

As you get to know about the ratio of your mouth you can choose any kind of shape that you want. Accordingly, you can visit a reputed clinic where a doctor can help you choose the shape. Generally, the doctor would let every patient choose their preferred shape accordingly. Only after choosing the shape, does the doctor do their duty.

In the beginning, the doctor will draw the preceding shape on the mouth of the patient. It is done to fit properly according to the features of the face or not. As the doctor knows about the shape and structure, they can help you with their talent.

Know About The Types

Here are some of the common lip shapes that one can choose while taking the help of lip surgery. Some of these include thin-shaped, sexy, sassy, and manly lips.

The cool line of angel wing horn chestnut-shaped lips (ปากกระจับ ปีก นางฟ้า, which is the term in Thai) increases the handsome look of the person. The style does not have to look very clear, however, one needs to focus on having healthy lips. The slide curvature present on the sides of the mouth is one of the unique features of this lip type.

Bottom Line

People generally fall for the sexy lips style, commonly known as the chestnut-shaped lips. It helps to disappear the frowning mouth feeling while providing you with a sweet face cutting. The only thing you need to keep in mind is: once you decide on choosing chestnut shaped lips, you cannot go back to your original lip shape. It involves a lot of cutting to get perfection. Plastic surgery must be done by an experienced hand. You can increase your confidence only if you choose any well-known professional clinic to get it done.

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