Get The Eyes You Desired: A Double Eyelid Procedures Guide

The eyes are important organs in both terms of life and beauty. The eyes are part of the face that determines the mood and feelings of the viewer and can boost self-confidence. Having eyes in the right way can make your face look better. Many people may want their eyes to look younger, bright, youthful, and sweet. Eye surgery, such as double eyelid surgery, is one of the procedures that many people like. Because Double eyelids (ตา สอง ชั้น, which is the term in that) will help the eyes look bigger. Be beautiful and sweet, and look younger. In this article, we will introduce double eyelid surgery that will help make the double eyelid look beautiful and charming.

General Double Eyelid Technique

In addition to solving the problem of making a face look sweeter, double eyelid surgery also helps with droopy eyelids or sagging eyelids that cause visual disturbances. General surgery can be done in many ways, such as Double eyelid laser, 3-point suture technique, short incision double eyelid technique, and long incision double eyelid technique.

Double Eyelid Laser

Double eyelid laser is a method that uses a Plexr laser (plexer), which applies plasma waves to the sagging eyelid skin area to either reduce the sagging or remove it and form a double eyelid. The advantage this method poses is that there is no need for surgery. Therefore, it suits those who have surgery problems or do not want surgery. But there are also disadvantages that if you are initially a person with single eyelids, they may not be able to create the eyelids or not be as beautiful as surgery.

Double Eyelid Technique, Short Incision 

The short double eyelid technique is to make an incision in the eyelid with a size of 3-5 millimeters and suture the eyelid. This method is suitable for those who do not have thick and sagging eyelids. The advantage is that it can remove more fat than the 3-point suture technique, takes less time, and has a small scar that is easy to heal. But there is also a disadvantage: it is not suitable for people with thick eyelids because it makes them puffier than average. Or those who have ptosis may cause the eyelids to be small or the eyelids to sag.

Double Eyelid Technique, Long Incision

Long incision double eyelid technique It is the use of a more protracted incision technique. Suitable for people with fat layers or eyelids that are not too thick. This double eyelid technique has the advantage of removing more fat and reducing the chance of ptosis than the short incision double eyelid technique. But the disadvantage is that the larger incision size causes swelling and bruising and takes more time than the small incision type.

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