Importance of Hair Colours

When we say hair colours, the first thing that comes to our mind is, will hair colours damage my hair? There are a variety of questions that lurk in our minds when we decide to go for hair colouring like which is the best hair colour that will suit me, will the colour dry out my hair, so on, and so forth. Hair colouring is a fantastic experience to go through. And yes! These questions do come to our minds. Don’t worry! We will answer these questions for you.

Now, first things first, hair colours do not damage your hair. See, many hair colours are infused with a harsh chemical known as ammonia that dries out our hair and irritates our scalp. One should avoid such hair dyes. Ammonia enriched hair dyes give colour to your hair, but at the same time, it damages your hair to a great extent. No matter how many hair spas or massages you do, the damage cannot be undone.

So, instead of choosing harsh chemical dyes, it is essential to opt for natural ones. Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo is a natural hair dye and an instant one too! This hair dye is infused with Amla, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, etc., which nourishes your strands while colouring them. This hair dye, in particular, solves all your hair issues too and makes your strands lustrous and voluminous. What’s more? It boosts hair growth as well! Isn’t that amazing! With so many benefits, you know you need to opt for which hair dye.

Now, for hair colour to suit you, you need to determine your skin tone and undertone. After knowing your skin tone, you can narrow down the colours you wish to try. For instance, with a warm skin tone and undertone, shades of brown, warm red, etc., look best. Similarly, with a cool skin tone and undertone, cool reds, purple, pink, etc., tones look best. It is easy to select colours once skin tone or undertone has been determined. To determine the skin tone, all you need to do is check your veins. Loose closely at your veins. If you have green-coloured veins, then you have a warm skin tone. If you have blue-coloured veins, you have a cool skin tone. If you can’t decide the colour, then you have a neutral skin tone.

Hair colours infused with natural ingredients do not damage your hair in any way. They rather condition your strands and make your hair look shiny and thicker. Also, they treat dandruff, split ends, hair breakage, etc. Selecting the right hair dye and shade is extremely important, otherwise, everything can go downhill. So, be wise while selecting the colour and natural hair dye. Now that you know the importance of hair colours, let us have a look at the top shades to try this season.

Best Hair Colours – Top Hair Shades

Hair colouring becomes extremely wonderful when you select the right shade as per your skin tone. Hair colours are an additional layering on your hair that protects the natural keratin while keeping your hair smooth and silky. Also, these hair colours protect your hair from environmental factors while providing you with lustrous tresses. Now let us have a look at the best brown and red shades that you must definitely try this season!

  1. Chocolate Brown Hair with Crimson Red Highlights

The dark cherry shade is here to make you fall in love! The cherry shade with chocolate brown hair adds depth to your dark mane without getting too much dark or light. The shade complements neutral and warm skin tones and adds a beautiful lustre to your hair. This hair shade elevates your looks entirely. Thus, to get the love of cherry brown, this shade is a must-try!

  1. Medium Chestnut Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Brown and red go hand in hand. These two shades blend so effortlessly that you can’t make out which is your coloured hair and which is not! This hair shade adds dimension to your hair, thereby making them look fuller and lustrous. This hair colour makes your hair look voluminous as well. Brown and red shade will look good with a nice layered cut so that the colour is reflected and is evident in many ways. The intertwining of both the hair colours is so beautiful that you can help but go for this shade anyhow!

  1. Light Brown Hair with Magenta Highlights

Give your hair a pop of fun with a light brown hair shade fused with magenta highlights. The gorgeous melt of browns must be reminding you of raspberry dessert. Well, the shade is also somewhat like that. The beautiful blend of the shades is bound to turn heads as you walk into an event or normal day. The dimensional shade gives your natural hair a sense of fun and excitement that a bright colour cannot do. Pair this hair colour with a bob haircut, thereby giving your skinny hair an improved texture and movement. Try out this hair shade now!

  1. Mahogany Hair Shade

Want to have looks to die for? This shade is the one! This hair colour is a mix of deep and light red tones mixed with natural black hair to give your hair shine and dimension. Your hair styled in one direction waves completes the look. The shade looks best with ladies having shoulder hair length. Also, with this shade, you can loosely comb your hair or provide an elegant finish for a formal event. Be it a casual look or a formal look, this hair colour slays all looks. Try out this amazing shade and give your hair and appearance an elevated and stunning look!

  1. Rich Brown Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy is one of our favourite shades as it looks absolutely beautiful no matter what your skin tone is! Getting this hair colour done in the balayage hair colouring technique is all you need. Crimson red or cool red shade is the base colour blended with the copper shade to give your hair a gorgeous look. The two shades create a nice balance of highlight and contour on your hair while giving it a shiny effect. This hair shade is bound to make everyone fall in love with your tresses. Thus, for a beautiful, rich, and luxurious shade, try out this hair colour!

  1. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Cherry Red Highlights

Wish to keep your natural hair with a tinge of colour to it? Well, this can definitely be done with this hair shade. This is an absolutely stunning shade that gives your locks a rich and lustrous look. Pairing this shade with natural hair colour will give your hair a great sense of warmth and depth. This is a must-try shade for girls who like subtle shades of red and brown.

So, these are some of the best hair colours to try. These hair shades make your hair look beautiful and voluminous. Remember that red hair shade wears off with time. So, you must always use colour-safe products and visit the salons if you feel that the shade is wearing off fast. Burgundy is also a shade available in Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo hair dye. You can try this hair shade to give your locks an amazing look. Try out the shades mentioned above and give your locks some nourishment and colour.

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