The Importance of Health Screenings As We Grow Older

People are living longer thanks to technological and medical advances. With it comes the prospect of healthy aging. Regular exercise, proper nutrition and avoiding harmful vices are all part of this, but also going for regular health checks. From blood work to checking on thyroid function to the dreaded colonoscopy, maintaining your health through frequent and various testing has become a necessity.

Why? When it comes to good health, information is the greatest tool we can have at our disposal. Also, with increased longevity comes an increased risk of developing chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and malignancy. In fact, roughly half of adults older than 60 have at least one NCD and a third have at least two. Such diseases could lead to a diminished quality of life as well as significant disability.

Arguably the best approach to these ailments is through prevention and early detection. What does detection look like? The process differs from one person to the next based on gender, age and a host of other factors, but there are general testing standards. Here are just some of the important screenings needed as we age and their advised timeframes.

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