Harmful Social Media trends about Oral Health that You Should Avoid

Nowadays, social media is an important part of our lives, and we spend hours of time on our phones checking these media. They help us communicate with our family members and friends more easily, learn new things and hacks, and make our lives generally simpler. However, there are also negative things about social media that you should be careful about. Not everything you read on websites or Instagram is true! Fake information and news can be really dangerous, especially if you don’t look for the truth. Many people visit dentists every day because they have tried a new method published on an unknown website in order to bleach their teeth. Some trends and popular methods you see and read in media aren’t real and can even damage your health and smile.

As a dentist at a dental clinic in New Westminster emphasizes, that’s why having adequate information about oral health is important if you don’t want to get trapped by fake information on the internet. Today’s article explains some oral health trends that you should avoid if you want to keep your smile healthy and flawless.

DIY Teeth Whitening Methods

Feeling ashamed and insecure about smiling because of discolored and stained teeth can be very upsetting. That’s why many people try DIY hacks to whiten their discolored smiles. Most of these methods aren’t effective and can even damage your teeth.

·       Baking soda and lemon juice:

The worst thing you can do to your teeth is use baking soda in order to whiten them. One of the most popular trends to whiten one’s teeth on social media is to mix baking soda and lemon juice. According to what dentists said, it can damage the enamel of your teeth and cause problems like tooth sensitivity.

·       Activated charcoal:

It’s another popular trend that seems to be effective in removing dental stains. The fact is that activated carbon is extremely abrasive, and not everyone can use it properly. It can cause microscopic scratches on your teeth that weaken your teeth over time. Furthermore, no dentist approves the effectiveness of activated charcoal to whiten discolored teeth.

·       Hydrogen peroxide:

It’s another damaging trend that can significantly damage your teeth. This substance should be only used by professional dentists because they know its right concentration and application.

The safest option you can choose to whiten your discolored and stained teeth is professional teeth whitening under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist.

Using a Nail File to Shape Teeth

It may surprise you to know filling down your teeth with a nail file is one of the most popular trends on social media. Many people do it because they want to have perfectly shaped and flawless teeth. In fact, filing your teeth with a nail file can damage the enamel and cause severe oral health issues.

Teeth Accessories

Another concerning trend liked by many people is attaching special accessories to teeth. Many use a handful of chemicals to attach these accessories without knowing if the adhesive is damaging to their teeth. If you want to make your teeth more beautiful, it’s highly recommended to visit a cosmetic dentist and choose safe procedures.

Consult your dentist to find safe and effective solutions.

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