How to Overcome Discoloration with Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental professionals frequently deal with stains and discoloration. Originally dazzling white teeth can turn stained over time by exposure to staining chemicals. Stained teeth can make you feel less confident in a culture that values bright, white smiles.

Luckily, you can reverse the process with a treatment or various dental appliances to get your smile and confidence back. This blog discusses how cosmetic dentistry in Cedar Rapids can help treat teeth discoloration.

1 – Whitening

Professional whitening procedures are the most popular stain removal method. To remove stains from teeth, cosmetic dentists apply whitening agents in high concentrations. The effects persist longer when you receive professional treatment.

It often lasts two to three years before it requires another application. Patients frequently choose this method because it is the least invasive. 

2 Veneers 

Thin covers known as dental veneers are placed on top of affected or discolored teeth. Many people believe that in order to place veneers, dentists must file down teeth. However, more recent variants of veneers require little preparation.

Celebrities and young people who wish to enhance the color and contour of their smile without changing it naturally are fond of these. A partial veneer can be matched to the neighboring teeth if you only have one stained tooth.

3 – Composite bonding

Glass and plastic resin are combined during the composite bonding process. A dentist will match the resin to the hue of the teeth. To make it look more genuine, textures are added after it is put on top of any stains.

Patients can extend and reshape their teeth with composite bonding to create the perfect grin. The dentist hardens the resin to form a durable bond with the tooth once it has been correctly applied and shaped.

Wrap up

There is no excuse to put up with unsightly, crooked, discolored, or misaligned teeth when so many treatments are available today. Anyone can have beautiful teeth thanks to cosmetic dentistry. If you need help with cosmetic dentistry in Cedar Rapids, please connect with the experts at Horton Family Dental.

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